Cash Cards (USD & LBP)
This is a USD & LBP prepaid card aimed at offering BoB Finance customers with a substitute to cash. Subject to customer’s approval, our agent will be able to pay for any transfer received by providing the receiver with a cash card. The Cash card is available in four denominations in USD $2000 - $1000 - $500 - $300 and in four denominations in LBP 2,000,000, - LBP 540,000  - LBP 300,000 - LBP 140,000. The Cash card provides the customer with 2 options: a) withdrawing the amount from any ATM (no additional fees) or b) using it on any POS machine in any retail outlet. Our aim is to make sure that each time a customer enters any of our locations she/he receives payment of the Money Transfer. Cash cards are more secure and would allow better control of spendings.