Frequently Asked Questions
What is BoB Finance?
Where can I find a BoB Finance location?
What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can transfer using Western Union services?
How can I change the receiver's name on a Western Union transfer?
How can I contact the customer service support center?
What are the needed documents in order to send/receive a WU transaction?
Who can inquire about my transaction?
Now that I have sent a Western Union transfer, what should I do?
Can I pay my touch bill even if I have domiciliation?
Can someone pay my bill on my behalf?
How much time does my line needs to reconnect if it was deactivated?
What is Top Up?
How can I settle a Qatar Airways or flydubai ticket with BoB Finance?
Can I send money thru Western Union in other than USD?
How long does it take for a Western Union transfer to get to its destination?